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btDbvt Struct Reference

#include <btDbvt.h>

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Detailed Description

The btDbvt class implements a fast dynamic bounding volume tree based on axis aligned bounding boxes (aabb tree). This btDbvt is used for soft body collision detection and for the btDbvtBroadphase. It has a fast insert, remove and update of nodes. Unlike the btQuantizedBvh, nodes can be dynamically moved around, which allows for change in topology of the underlying data structure.

Definition at line 190 of file btDbvt.h.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void clone (btDbvt &dest, IClone *iclone=0) const
DBVT_PREFIX void collideTT (const btDbvtNode *root0, const btDbvtNode *root1, DBVT_IPOLICY)
DBVT_PREFIX void collideTTpersistentStack (const btDbvtNode *root0, const btDbvtNode *root1, DBVT_IPOLICY)
DBVT_PREFIX void collideTV (const btDbvtNode *root, const btDbvtVolume &volume, DBVT_IPOLICY)
bool empty () const
btDbvtNode * insert (const btDbvtVolume &box, void *data)
void optimizeBottomUp ()
void optimizeIncremental (int passes)
void optimizeTopDown (int bu_treshold=128)
DBVT_PREFIX void rayTestInternal (const btDbvtNode *root, const btVector3 &rayFrom, const btVector3 &rayTo, const btVector3 &rayDirectionInverse, unsigned int signs[3], btScalar lambda_max, const btVector3 &aabbMin, const btVector3 &aabbMax, DBVT_IPOLICY) const
void remove (btDbvtNode *leaf)
bool update (btDbvtNode *leaf, btDbvtVolume &volume, btScalar margin)
bool update (btDbvtNode *leaf, btDbvtVolume &volume, const btVector3 &velocity)
bool update (btDbvtNode *leaf, btDbvtVolume &volume, const btVector3 &velocity, btScalar margin)
void update (btDbvtNode *leaf, btDbvtVolume &volume)
void update (btDbvtNode *leaf, int lookahead=-1)
void write (IWriter *iwriter) const

Static Public Member Functions

static DBVT_INLINE int allocate (btAlignedObjectArray< int > &ifree, btAlignedObjectArray< sStkNPS > &stock, const sStkNPS &value)
static void benchmark ()
static DBVT_PREFIX void collideKDOP (const btDbvtNode *root, const btVector3 *normals, const btScalar *offsets, int count, DBVT_IPOLICY)
static DBVT_PREFIX void collideOCL (const btDbvtNode *root, const btVector3 *normals, const btScalar *offsets, const btVector3 &sortaxis, int count, DBVT_IPOLICY, bool fullsort=true)
static DBVT_PREFIX void collideTU (const btDbvtNode *root, DBVT_IPOLICY)
static int countLeaves (const btDbvtNode *node)
static DBVT_PREFIX void enumLeaves (const btDbvtNode *root, DBVT_IPOLICY)
static DBVT_PREFIX void enumNodes (const btDbvtNode *root, DBVT_IPOLICY)
static void extractLeaves (const btDbvtNode *node, btAlignedObjectArray< const btDbvtNode * > &leaves)
static int maxdepth (const btDbvtNode *node)
static DBVT_INLINE int nearest (const int *i, const btDbvt::sStkNPS *a, btScalar v, int l, int h)
static DBVT_PREFIX void rayTest (const btDbvtNode *root, const btVector3 &rayFrom, const btVector3 &rayTo, DBVT_IPOLICY)

Public Attributes

btDbvtNode * m_free
int m_leaves
int m_lkhd
unsigned m_opath
btDbvtNode * m_root
btAlignedObjectArray< sStkNN > m_stkStack

Private Member Functions

 btDbvt (const btDbvt &)


struct  IClone
struct  ICollide
struct  IWriter
struct  sStkCLN
struct  sStkNN
struct  sStkNP
struct  sStkNPS

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