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template<typename _Scalar, int _AmbientDim>
template<typename XprType>
Hyperplane& Hyperplane< _Scalar, _AmbientDim >::transform ( const MatrixBase< XprType > &  mat,
TransformTraits  traits = Affine 
) [inline]

Applies the transformation matrix mat to *this and returns a reference to *this.

mat the Dim x Dim transformation matrix
traits specifies whether the matrix mat represents an Isometry or a more generic Affine transformation. The default is Affine.

Definition at line 210 of file Hyperplane.h.

References MatrixBase< Derived >::inverse(), and Hyperplane< _Scalar, _AmbientDim >::normal().

Referenced by Hyperplane< _Scalar, _AmbientDim >::transform().

    if (traits==Affine)
      normal() = mat.inverse().transpose() * normal();
    else if (traits==Isometry)
      normal() = mat * normal();
      ei_assert("invalid traits value in Hyperplane::transform()");
    return *this;

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