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void btDefaultCollisionConfiguration::setConvexConvexMultipointIterations ( int  numPerturbationIterations = 3,
int  minimumPointsPerturbationThreshold = 3 
) [inherited]

Use this method to allow to generate multiple contact points between at once, between two objects using the generic convex-convex algorithm. By default, this feature is disabled for best performance.

numPerturbationIterations controls the number of collision queries. Set it to zero to disable the feature.
minimumPointsPerturbationThreshold is the minimum number of points in the contact cache, above which the feature is disabled 3 is a good value for both params, if you want to enable the feature. This is because the default contact cache contains a maximum of 4 points, and one collision query at the unperturbed orientation is performed first. See Bullet/Demos/CollisionDemo for an example how this feature gathers multiple points.
we could add a per-object setting of those parameters, for level-of-detail collision detection.

Definition at line 292 of file btDefaultCollisionConfiguration.cpp.

      btConvexConvexAlgorithm::CreateFunc* convexConvex = (btConvexConvexAlgorithm::CreateFunc*) m_convexConvexCreateFunc;
      convexConvex->m_numPerturbationIterations = numPerturbationIterations;
      convexConvex->m_minimumPointsPerturbationThreshold = minimumPointsPerturbationThreshold;

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