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bool AUD_SoftwareDevice::isValid ( AUD_Handle handle  )  [private]

Checks if a handle is valid.

handle The handle to check.
Whether the handle is valid.

Definition at line 149 of file AUD_SoftwareDevice.cpp.

References m_pausedSounds, and m_playingSounds.

Referenced by getCapability(), getPosition(), seek(), sendMessage(), setCapability(), and setKeep().

      for(AUD_HandleIterator i = m_playingSounds->begin();
            i != m_playingSounds->end(); i++)
            if(*i == handle)
                  return true;
      for(AUD_HandleIterator i = m_pausedSounds->begin();
            i != m_pausedSounds->end(); i++)
            if(*i == handle)
                  return true;
      return false;

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