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AUD_SDLMixerFactory Class Reference

#include <AUD_SDLMixerFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for AUD_SDLMixerFactory:

AUD_MixerFactory AUD_IFactory

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This factory creates a resampling reader that uses SDL's resampling functionality which unfortunately is very very very limited.

Definition at line 35 of file AUD_SDLMixerFactory.h.

Public Member Functions

 AUD_SDLMixerFactory (AUD_Specs specs)
 AUD_SDLMixerFactory (AUD_IFactory *factory, AUD_Specs specs)
 AUD_SDLMixerFactory (AUD_IReader *reader, AUD_Specs specs)
virtual AUD_IReadercreateReader ()
AUD_IFactorygetFactory ()
AUD_Specs getSpecs ()
void setFactory (AUD_IFactory *factory)
void setReader (AUD_IReader *reader)
void setSpecs (AUD_Specs specs)

Protected Member Functions

AUD_IReadergetReader ()

Protected Attributes

AUD_Specs m_specs

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