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virtual void AUD_IReader::seek ( int  position  )  [pure virtual]

Seeks to a specific position in the source. This function must work for buffer type readers.

position The position to seek for measured in samples. To get from a given time to the samples you simply have to multiply the time value in seconds with the sample rate of the reader.
This may work or not, depending on the actual reader.
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Implemented in AUD_FFMPEGReader, AUD_DelayReader, AUD_DoubleReader, AUD_EffectReader, AUD_LimiterReader, AUD_ReverseReader, AUD_BufferReader, AUD_SinusReader, AUD_SDLMixerReader, AUD_SndFileReader, and AUD_SRCResampleReader.

Referenced by AUD_LimiterReader::AUD_LimiterReader(), AUD_LoopReader::read(), AUD_ReverseReader::read(), AUD_OpenALDevice::seek(), AUD_SRCResampleReader::seek(), AUD_LimiterReader::seek(), AUD_DelayReader::seek(), AUD_EffectReader::seek(), AUD_SoftwareDevice::seek(), AUD_SDLMixerReader::seek(), and AUD_DoubleReader::seek().

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