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virtual void AUD_IReader::read ( int &  length,
sample_t *&  buffer 
) [pure virtual]

Request to read the next length samples out of the source. The buffer for reading has to stay valid until the next call of this method or until the reader is deleted.

[in,out] length The count of samples that should be read. Shall contain the real count of samples after reading, in case there were only fewer samples available. A smaller value also indicates the end of the reader.
[out] buffer The pointer to the buffer with the samples.

Implemented in AUD_FFMPEGReader, AUD_DelayReader, AUD_DoubleReader, AUD_EffectReader, AUD_FaderReader, AUD_LimiterReader, AUD_LoopReader, AUD_ReverseReader, AUD_VolumeReader, AUD_BufferReader, AUD_ChannelMapperReader, AUD_ConverterReader, AUD_SinusReader, AUD_SDLMixerReader, AUD_SndFileReader, and AUD_SRCResampleReader.

Referenced by AUD_LimiterReader::AUD_LimiterReader(), AUD_StreamBufferFactory::AUD_StreamBufferFactory(), AUD_SRCResampleReader::doCallback(), AUD_SoftwareDevice::mix(), AUD_OpenALDevice::play(), AUD_FaderReader::read(), AUD_LimiterReader::read(), AUD_DelayReader::read(), AUD_EffectReader::read(), AUD_LoopReader::read(), AUD_DoubleReader::read(), AUD_ConverterReader::read(), AUD_SDLMixerReader::read(), AUD_ChannelMapperReader::read(), AUD_VolumeReader::read(), AUD_ReverseReader::read(), AUD_OpenALDevice::seek(), AUD_OpenALDevice::setCapability(), and AUD_OpenALDevice::updateStreams().

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