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AUD_IReader Class Reference

#include <AUD_IReader.h>

Inheritance diagram for AUD_IReader:

AUD_BufferReader AUD_DoubleReader AUD_EffectReader AUD_FFMPEGReader AUD_SDLMixerReader AUD_SinusReader AUD_SndFileReader AUD_ChannelMapperReader AUD_ConverterReader AUD_DelayReader AUD_FaderReader AUD_LimiterReader AUD_LoopReader AUD_PitchReader AUD_ReverseReader AUD_SRCResampleReader AUD_VolumeReader

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Detailed Description

This class represents a sound source as stream or as buffer which can be read for example by another reader, a device or whatever.

Definition at line 35 of file AUD_IReader.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int getLength ()=0
virtual int getPosition ()=0
virtual AUD_Specs getSpecs ()=0
virtual AUD_ReaderType getType ()=0
virtual bool isSeekable ()=0
virtual bool notify (AUD_Message &message)=0
virtual void read (int &length, sample_t *&buffer)=0
virtual void seek (int position)=0
virtual ~AUD_IReader ()

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