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template<typename Scalar>
Quaternion< Scalar >::Matrix3 Quaternion< Scalar >::toRotationMatrix ( void   )  const [inline]

Convert the quaternion to a 3x3 rotation matrix

Reimplemented from RotationBase< Quaternion< _Scalar >, 3 >.

Definition at line 331 of file Quaternion.h.

References Matrix< _Scalar, _Rows, _Cols, _Options, _MaxRows, _MaxCols >::coeffRef(), Quaternion< _Scalar >::w(), Quaternion< _Scalar >::x(), Quaternion< _Scalar >::y(), and Quaternion< _Scalar >::z().

  // NOTE if inlined, then gcc 4.2 and 4.4 get rid of the temporary (not gcc 4.3 !!)
  // if not inlined then the cost of the return by value is huge ~ +35%,
  // however, not inlining this function is an order of magnitude slower, so
  // it has to be inlined, and so the return by value is not an issue
  Matrix3 res;

  const Scalar tx  = 2*this->x();
  const Scalar ty  = 2*this->y();
  const Scalar tz  = 2*this->z();
  const Scalar twx = tx*this->w();
  const Scalar twy = ty*this->w();
  const Scalar twz = tz*this->w();
  const Scalar txx = tx*this->x();
  const Scalar txy = ty*this->x();
  const Scalar txz = tz*this->x();
  const Scalar tyy = ty*this->y();
  const Scalar tyz = tz*this->y();
  const Scalar tzz = tz*this->z();

  res.coeffRef(0,0) = 1-(tyy+tzz);
  res.coeffRef(0,1) = txy-twz;
  res.coeffRef(0,2) = txz+twy;
  res.coeffRef(1,0) = txy+twz;
  res.coeffRef(1,1) = 1-(txx+tzz);
  res.coeffRef(1,2) = tyz-twx;
  res.coeffRef(2,0) = txz-twy;
  res.coeffRef(2,1) = tyz+twx;
  res.coeffRef(2,2) = 1-(txx+tyy);

  return res;

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