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AUD_OpenALDevice Class Reference

#include <AUD_OpenALDevice.h>

Inheritance diagram for AUD_OpenALDevice:

AUD_IDevice AUD_I3DDevice

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This device plays through OpenAL.

Definition at line 43 of file AUD_OpenALDevice.h.

Public Member Functions

 AUD_OpenALDevice (AUD_Specs specs, int buffersize=AUD_DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE)
virtual bool checkCapability (int capability)
virtual bool getCapability (int capability, void *value)
virtual float getPosition (AUD_Handle *handle)
virtual float getSetting (AUD_3DSetting setting)
virtual float getSourceSetting (AUD_Handle *handle, AUD_3DSourceSetting setting)
virtual AUD_Specs getSpecs ()
virtual AUD_Status getStatus (AUD_Handle *handle)
virtual void lock ()
virtual bool pause (AUD_Handle *handle)
virtual AUD_Handleplay (AUD_IFactory *factory, bool keep=false)
virtual AUD_Handleplay3D (AUD_IFactory *factory, bool keep=false)
virtual bool resume (AUD_Handle *handle)
virtual bool seek (AUD_Handle *handle, float position)
virtual bool sendMessage (AUD_Handle *handle, AUD_Message &message)
virtual bool setCapability (int capability, void *value)
virtual bool setKeep (AUD_Handle *handle, bool keep)
virtual bool setSetting (AUD_3DSetting setting, float value)
virtual bool setSourceSetting (AUD_Handle *handle, AUD_3DSourceSetting setting, float value)
virtual bool stop (AUD_Handle *handle)
virtual void unlock ()
virtual bool updateListener (AUD_3DData &data)
virtual bool updateSource (AUD_Handle *handle, AUD_3DData &data)
void updateStreams ()

Private Member Functions

bool getFormat (ALenum &format, AUD_Specs specs)
bool isValid (AUD_Handle *handle)
void start ()

Private Attributes

< AUD_OpenALBufferedFactory * > * 
int m_buffersize
ALCcontext * m_context
ALCdevice * m_device
pthread_mutex_t m_mutex
std::list< AUD_OpenALHandle * > * m_pausedSounds
bool m_playing
std::list< AUD_OpenALHandle * > * m_playingSounds
AUD_Specs m_specs
pthread_t m_thread
bool m_useMC

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