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btDiscreteCollisionDetectorInterface Struct Reference

#include <btDiscreteCollisionDetectorInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for btDiscreteCollisionDetectorInterface:

btBoxBoxDetector btGjkPairDetector SphereTriangleDetector

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Detailed Description

This interface is made to be used by an iterative approach to do TimeOfImpact calculations This interface allows to query for closest points and penetration depth between two (convex) objects the closest point is on the second object (B), and the normal points from the surface on B towards A. distance is between closest points on B and closest point on A. So you can calculate closest point on A by taking closestPointInA = closestPointInB + m_distance * m_normalOnSurfaceB

Definition at line 28 of file btDiscreteCollisionDetectorInterface.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void getClosestPoints (const ClosestPointInput &input, Result &output, class btIDebugDraw *debugDraw, bool swapResults=false)=0


struct  ClosestPointInput
struct  Result

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