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SCons::Tool::msvs Namespace Reference

Detailed Description


Tool-specific initialization for Microsoft Visual Studio project files.

There normally shouldn't be any need to import this module directly.
It will usually be imported through the generic SCons.Tool.Tool()
selection method.


class  _DSPGenerator
class  _DSWGenerator
class  _GenerateV6DSP
class  _GenerateV6DSW
class  _GenerateV7DSP
class  _GenerateV7DSW
class  Config


def _generateGUID
def _hexdigest
def exists
def generate
def GenerateDSP
def GenerateDSW
def GenerateProject
def GenerateSolution
def get_default_visualstudio8_suite
def get_default_visualstudio_version
def get_msvs_install_dirs
def get_visualstudio8_suites
def get_visualstudio_versions
def getExecScriptMain
def GetMSVSProjectSuffix
def GetMSVSSolutionSuffix
def is_msvs_installed
def makeHierarchy
def msvs_parse_version
def projectEmitter
def solutionEmitter
def splitFully
def xmlify


string __revision__ = "src/engine/SCons/Tool/msvs.py 3603 2008/10/10 05:46:45 scons"
 default_MSVS_SConscript = None
string external_makefile_guid = '{8BC9CEB8-8B4A-11D0-8D11-00A0C91BC942}'
tuple projectAction = SCons.Action.Action(GenerateProject, None)
tuple projectBuilder
 python_executable = sys.executable
tuple solutionAction = SCons.Action.Action(GenerateSolution, None)
tuple solutionBuilder
string V6DSPHeader
string V6DSWHeader
string V7DSPConfiguration
string V7DSPHeader
string V8DSPConfiguration
string V8DSPHeader
tuple version_re = re.compile(r'(\d+\.\d+)(.*)')

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