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SCons::Script::Main Namespace Reference

Detailed Description


This file implements the main() function used by the scons script.

Architecturally, this *is* the scons script, and will likely only be
called from the external "scons" wrapper.  Consequently, anything here
should not be, or be considered, part of the build engine.  If it's
something that we expect other software to want to use, it should go in
some other module.  If it's specific to the "scons" script invocation,
it goes here.


class  BuildTask
class  CleanTask
class  CountStats
class  FakeOptionParser
class  MemStats
class  Progressor
class  QuestionTask
class  SConsPrintHelpException
class  Stats
class  TreePrinter


def _build_targets
def _create_path
def _exec_main
def _load_site_scons_dir
def _main
def _scons_internal_error
def _scons_internal_warning
def _scons_syntax_error
def _scons_user_error
def _scons_user_warning
def _SConstruct_exists
def _set_debug_values
def AddOption
def fetch_win32_parallel_msg
def find_deepest_user_frame
def GetBuildFailures
def GetOption
def main
def Progress
def python_version_deprecated
def python_version_string
def python_version_unsupported
def SetOption
def version_string


string __revision__ = "src/engine/SCons/Script/Main.py 3603 2008/10/10 05:46:45 scons"
list _BuildFailures = []
tuple count_stats = CountStats()
int cumulative_command_time = 0
list delayed_warnings = []
 display = SCons.Util.display
int exit_status = 0
 first_command_start = None
 last_command_end = None
tuple memory_stats = MemStats()
 num_jobs = None
tuple OptionsParser = FakeOptionParser()
int print_memoizer = 0
int print_objects = 0
int print_stacktrace = 0
int print_time = 0
tuple progress_display = SCons.Util.DisplayEngine()
tuple ProgressObject = SCons.Util.Null()
int sconscript_time = 0
int this_build_status = 0

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