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SCons::Debug Namespace Reference

Detailed Description


Code for debugging SCons internal things.  Not everything here is
guaranteed to work all the way back to Python 1.5.2, and shouldn't be
needed by most users.


def _dump_one_caller
def caller_stack
def caller_trace
def countLoggedInstances
def dump_caller_counts
def dumpLoggedInstances
def fetchLoggedInstances
def func_shorten
def listLoggedInstances
def logInstanceCreation
def memory
def platformize
def string_to_classes
def Trace


string __revision__ = "src/engine/SCons/Debug.py 3603 2008/10/10 05:46:45 scons"
dictionary caller_bases = {}
dictionary caller_dicts = {}
list shorten_list
string TraceDefault = 'con'
dictionary TraceFP = {}
dictionary tracked_classes = {}

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