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btWheelInfo Struct Reference

#include <btWheelInfo.h>

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Detailed Description

btWheelInfo contains information per wheel about friction and suspension.

Definition at line 37 of file btWheelInfo.h.

Public Member Functions

 btWheelInfo (btWheelInfoConstructionInfo &ci)
btScalar getSuspensionRestLength () const
void updateWheel (const btRigidBody &chassis, RaycastInfo &raycastInfo)

Public Attributes

bool m_bIsFrontWheel
btScalar m_brake
btVector3 m_chassisConnectionPointCS
void * m_clientInfo
btScalar m_clippedInvContactDotSuspension
btScalar m_deltaRotation
btScalar m_engineForce
btScalar m_frictionSlip
btScalar m_maxSuspensionTravelCm
RaycastInfo m_raycastInfo
btScalar m_rollInfluence
btScalar m_rotation
btScalar m_skidInfo
btScalar m_steering
btScalar m_suspensionRelativeVelocity
btScalar m_suspensionRestLength1
btScalar m_suspensionStiffness
btVector3 m_wheelAxleCS
btVector3 m_wheelDirectionCS
btScalar m_wheelsDampingCompression
btScalar m_wheelsDampingRelaxation
btScalar m_wheelsRadius
btScalar m_wheelsSuspensionForce
btTransform m_worldTransform


struct  RaycastInfo

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