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scons-time::SConsTimer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Usage: scons-time SUBCOMMAND [ARGUMENTS]
Type "scons-time help SUBCOMMAND" for help on a specific subcommand.

Available subcommands:
    func            Extract test-run data for a function
    help            Provides help
    mem             Extract --debug=memory data from test runs
    obj             Extract --debug=count data from test runs
    time            Extract --debug=time data from test runs
    run             Runs a test configuration

Definition at line 281 of file scons-time.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def archive_splitext
def args_to_files
def ascii_table
def collect_results
def default
def display
def do_func
def do_help
def do_mem
def do_obj
def do_run
def do_time
def doc_to_help
def execute
def execute_subcommand
def find_next_run_number
def get_debug_times
def get_function_profile
def get_function_time
def get_memory
def get_object_counts
def gnuplot_results
def help_func
def help_mem
def help_obj
def help_run
def help_time
def individual_run
def log_display
def log_execute
def logfile_name
def makedict
def outdent
def prep_aegis_run
def prep_subversion_run
def profile_name
def run_command_list
def scons_lib_dir_path
def scons_path
def set_env
def split_run_numbers
def subst
def subst_variables

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary command_alias = {}
tuple default_settings
list default_stage = stages[-1]
string memory_string_all = 'Memory '
string name = 'scons-time'
string name_spaces = ' '
list run_commands
list run_titles
dictionary stage_strings
list stages
string time_string_all = 'Total .* time'
dictionary time_strings

Private Member Functions

def _do_not_display
def _do_not_execute

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