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UniformFsgrCellIdentifier Class Reference

#include <solver_class.h>

Inheritance diagram for UniformFsgrCellIdentifier:

CellIdentifierInterface LbmCellContents

List of all members.

Detailed Description

cell access classes

Definition at line 117 of file solver_class.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool equal (CellIdentifierInterface *other)
 compare cids
virtual string getAsString ()
 return node as string (with some basic info)
bool getEnd ()
void setEnd (bool set)
 set/get end flag for grid traversal (not needed for marked cells)
 UniformFsgrCellIdentifier ()
 reset constructor

Public Attributes

BubbleId bubble
LbmFloat df [27]
LbmFloat ffrac
CellFlagType flag
int level
 which grid level?
LbmFloat mass
bool mEnd
 has the grid been traversed?
LbmFloat rho
LbmVec vel
int x
 location in grid
int y
int z

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