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SCons::Node::FS::File Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for SCons::Node::FS::File:

SCons::Node::FS::Base SCons::Node::Node

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Detailed Description

A class for files in a file system.

Definition at line 2154 of file FS.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def __str__
def alter_targets
def builder_set
def built
def changed_content
def changed_state
def changed_timestamp_match
def changed_timestamp_newer
def changed_timestamp_then_content
def convert_old_entry
def decide_source
def decide_target
def Dir
def Dirs
def diskcheck_match
def do_duplicate
def Entry
def exists
def File
def find_src_builder
def for_signature
def get_abspath
def get_cachedir_bsig
def get_cachedir_csig
def get_content_hash
def get_contents
def get_csig
def get_dir
def get_found_includes
def get_max_drift_csig
def get_path
def get_size
def get_stored_implicit
def get_stored_info
def get_subst_proxy
def get_suffix
def get_timestamp
def getmtime
def getsize
def has_src_builder
def is_under
def is_up_to_date
def isdir
def isfile
def islink
def islink
def make_ready
def must_be_same
def prepare
def RDirs
def rel_path
def remove
def rentry
def retrieve_from_cache
def rexists
def rfile
def Rfindalldirs
def rstr
def scanner_key
def set_local
def set_src_builder
def src_builder
def srcnode
def stat
def store_info
def str_for_display
def target_from_source
def visited

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 BuildInfo = FileBuildInfo
 changed_since_last_build = decide_source
list convert_copy_attrs
list convert_sig_attrs
int md5_chunksize = 64
list memoizer_counters = []
 NodeInfo = FileNodeInfo
 rstr = __str__

Private Member Functions

def _createDir
def _get_found_includes_key
def _morph
def _rmv_existing

Private Attributes


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