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KX_VehicleWrapper Class Reference

#include <KX_VehicleWrapper.h>

Inheritance diagram for KX_VehicleWrapper:

SG_QList SG_DList

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Python interface to physics vehicles (primarily 4-wheel cars and 2wheel bikes).

Definition at line 12 of file KX_VehicleWrapper.h.

Public Member Functions

bool AddBack (SG_DList *item)
bool AddFront (SG_DList *item)
SG_DListBack ()
bool Delink ()
bool Empty ()
int getConstraintId ()
void InvalidateProxy ()
bool isA (const char *mytypename)
bool isA (PyTypeObject *T)
 KX_PYMETHOD_O (PyObjectPlus, isA)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, SetRollInfluence)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, SetSuspensionCompression)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, SetSuspensionDamping)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, SetSuspensionStiffness)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, SetTyreFriction)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, ApplyBraking)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, ApplyEngineForce)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, SetSteeringValue)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, GetConstraintType)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, GetConstraintId)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, GetWheelPosition)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, GetWheelRotation)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, GetWheelOrientationQuaternion)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, GetNumWheels)
 KX_PYMETHOD_VARARGS (KX_VehicleWrapper, AddWheel)
 KX_VehicleWrapper (PHY_IVehicle *vehicle, class PHY_IPhysicsEnvironment *physenv, PyTypeObject *T=&Type)
SG_DListPeek ()
virtual void ProcessReplica ()
virtual int py_delattro (PyObject *attr)
virtual PyObject * py_repr (void)
bool QAddBack (SG_QList *item)
bool QAddFront (SG_QList *item)
SG_QListQBack ()
bool QDelink ()
bool QEmpty ()
SG_QListQPeek ()
SG_QListQRemove ()
SG_DListRemove ()
SG_DListSelf ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void ClearDeprecationWarning ()
static WarnLink * GetDeprecationWarningLinkFirst (void)
static WarnLink * GetDeprecationWarningLinkLast (void)
static PyObject * GetProxy_Ext (PyObjectPlus *self, PyTypeObject *tp)
static PyObject * NewProxy_Ext (PyObjectPlus *self, PyTypeObject *tp, bool py_owns)
static void NullDeprecationWarning ()
static void py_base_dealloc (PyObject *self)
static PyObject * py_base_getattro (PyObject *self, PyObject *attr)
static PyObject * py_base_repr (PyObject *self)
static int py_base_setattro (PyObject *self, PyObject *attr, PyObject *value)
static PyObject * py_get_attrdef (void *self, const PyAttributeDef *attrdef)
static int py_set_attrdef (void *self, const PyAttributeDef *attrdef, PyObject *value)
static PyObject * pyattr_get_invalid (void *self_v, const KX_PYATTRIBUTE_DEF *attrdef)
static void SetDeprecationWarningFirst (WarnLink *wlink)
static void SetDeprecationWarningLinkLast (WarnLink *wlink)
static void SetDeprecationWarnings (bool ignoreDeprecationWarnings)
static void ShowDeprecationWarning_func (const char *method, const char *prop)

Public Attributes

PyObject * m_proxy

Static Public Attributes

static bool m_ignore_deprecation_warnings

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

virtual PyObject * py_getattro (PyObject *attr)
virtual PyObject * py_getattro_dict ()
virtual int py_setattro (PyObject *attr, PyObject *value)

Private Attributes

std::vector< PHY_IMotionState * > m_motionStates
PHY_IVehicle * m_vehicle

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