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GameTypes::KX_GameActuator Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GameTypes::KX_GameActuator:

GameTypes::SCA_IActuator GameTypes::SCA_ILogicBrick GameTypes::CValue GameTypes::PyObjectPlus

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Detailed Description

The game actuator loads a new .blend file, restarts the current .blend file or quits the game.


@ivar fileName: the new .blend file to load
@type fileName: string.
@ivar mode: The mode of this actuator
@type mode: Constant in...
                  - L{GameLogic.KX_GAME_LOAD}
                  - L{GameLogic.KX_GAME_START}
                  - L{GameLogic.KX_GAME_RESTART}
                  - L{GameLogic.KX_GAME_QUIT}
                  - L{GameLogic.KX_GAME_SAVECFG}
                  - L{GameLogic.KX_GAME_LOADCFG}

Definition at line 1521 of file GameTypes.py.

Public Member Functions

def getExecutePriority
def getFile
def getName
def getOwner
def isA
def setExecutePriority
def setFile

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