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GameTypes::KX_Camera Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GameTypes::KX_Camera:

GameTypes::KX_GameObject GameTypes::SCA_IObject GameTypes::CValue GameTypes::PyObjectPlus

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Detailed Description

A Camera object.

@ivar INSIDE: see sphereInsideFrustum() and boxInsideFrustum()
@ivar INTERSECT: see sphereInsideFrustum() and boxInsideFrustum()
@ivar OUTSIDE: see sphereInsideFrustum() and boxInsideFrustum()

@ivar lens: The camera's lens value. 
@type lens: float
@ivar near: The camera's near clip distance. 
@type near: float
@ivar far: The camera's far clip distance.
@type far: float
@ivar perspective: True if this camera has a perspective transform, False for an orthographic projection.
@type perspective: boolean
@ivar frustum_culling: True if this camera is frustum culling. 
@type frustum_culling: boolean
@ivar projection_matrix: This camera's 4x4 projection matrix.
@type projection_matrix: 4x4 Matrix [[float]]
@ivar modelview_matrix: This camera's 4x4 model view matrix. (read-only)
                        Regenerated every frame from the camera's position and orientation.
@type modelview_matrix: 4x4 Matrix [[float]] 
@ivar camera_to_world: This camera's camera to world transform. (read-only)
                       Regenerated every frame from the camera's position and orientation.
@type camera_to_world: 4x4 Matrix [[float]]
@ivar world_to_camera: This camera's world to camera transform. (read-only)
                       Regenerated every frame from the camera's position and orientation.
                       This is camera_to_world inverted.
@type world_to_camera: 4x4 Matrix [[float]]
@ivar useViewport: True when the camera is used as a viewport, set True to enable a viewport for this camera.
@type useViewport: bool

@group Deprecated: enableViewport, getProjectionMatrix, setProjectionMatrix

Definition at line 5477 of file GameTypes.py.

Public Member Functions

def alignAxisToVect
def applyForce
def applyImpulse
def applyMovement
def applyRotation
def applyTorque
def boxInsideFrustum
def disableRigidBody
def enableRigidBody
def enableViewport
def endObject
def get
def getAngularVelocity
def getAxisVect
def getCameraToWorld
def getChildren
def getChildrenRecursive
def getDistanceTo
def getLinearVelocity
def getMass
def getMesh
def getName
def getOrientation
def getParent
def getPhysicsId
def getPosition
def getProjectionMatrix
def getPropertyNames
def getReactionForce
def getScreenPosition
def getScreenRay
def getScreenVect
def getState
def getVectTo
def getVelocity
def getVisible
def getWorldToCamera
def has_key
def isA
def pointInsideFrustum
def rayCast
def rayCastTo
def removeParent
def replaceMesh
def restoreDynamics
def sendMessage
def setAngularVelocity
def setCollisionMargin
def setLinearVelocity
def setOcclusion
def setOnTop
def setOrientation
def setParent
def setPosition
def setProjectionMatrix
def setState
def setViewport
def setVisible
def setWorldPosition
def sphereInsideFrustum
def suspendDynamics

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