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GameTypes::BL_ShapeActionActuator Class Reference

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GameTypes::SCA_IActuator GameTypes::SCA_ILogicBrick GameTypes::CValue GameTypes::PyObjectPlus

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Detailed Description

ShapeAction Actuators apply an shape action to an mesh object.\

@ivar action: The name of the action to set as the current shape action.
@type action: string
@ivar frameStart: Specifies the starting frame of the shape animation.
@type frameStart: float
@ivar frameEnd: Specifies the ending frame of the shape animation.
@type frameEnd: float
@ivar blendIn: Specifies the number of frames of animation to generate when making transitions between actions.
@type blendIn: float
@ivar priority: Sets the priority of this actuator. Actuators will lower
                       priority numbers will override actuators with higher
@type priority: integer
@ivar frame: Sets the current frame for the animation.
@type frame: float
@ivar propName: Sets the property to be used in FromProp playback mode.
@type propName: string
@ivar blendTime: Sets the internal frame timer. This property must be in
                              the range from 0.0 to blendin.
@type blendTime: float
@ivar mode: The operation mode of the actuator.
@type mode: integer
@ivar framePropName: The name of the property that is set to the current frame number.
@type framePropName: string

Definition at line 785 of file GameTypes.py.

Public Member Functions

def getAction
def getBlendin
def getEnd
def getExecutePriority
def getFrame
def getFrameProperty
def getName
def getOwner
def getPriority
def getProperty
def getStart
def getType
def isA
def setAction
def setBlendin
def setBlendtime
def setEnd
def setExecutePriority
def setFrame
def setFrameProperty
def setPriority
def setProperty
def setStart
def setType

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