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btConstraintSolver Class Reference

#include <btConstraintSolver.h>

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Detailed Description

btConstraintSolver provides solver interface

Definition at line 31 of file btConstraintSolver.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void allSolved (const btContactSolverInfo &, class btIDebugDraw *, btStackAlloc *)
virtual void prepareSolve (int, int)
virtual void reset ()=0
 clear internal cached data and reset random seed
virtual btScalar solveGroup (btCollisionObject **bodies, int numBodies, btPersistentManifold **manifold, int numManifolds, btTypedConstraint **constraints, int numConstraints, const btContactSolverInfo &info, class btIDebugDraw *debugDrawer, btStackAlloc *stackAlloc, btDispatcher *dispatcher)=0
 solve a group of constraints

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