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#include <gim_box_collision.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for transforming a model1 to the space of model0.

Definition at line 135 of file gim_box_collision.h.

Public Member Functions

SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void calc_absolute_matrix ()
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void calc_from_full_invert (const btTransform &trans0, const btTransform &trans1)
 Calcs the full invertion of the matrices. Useful for scaling matrices.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void calc_from_homogenic (const btTransform &trans0, const btTransform &trans1)
 Calc the transformation relative 1 to 0. Inverts matrics by transposing.
 GIM_BOX_BOX_TRANSFORM_CACHE (mat4f trans1_to_0)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3 transform (const btVector3 &point)

Public Attributes

btMatrix3x3 m_AR
 Absolute value of m_R1to0.
btMatrix3x3 m_R1to0
 Transforms Rotation of model1 to model 0, equal to R0' * R1.
btVector3 m_T1to0
 Transforms translation of model1 to model 0.

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