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GIM_AABB Class Reference

#include <gim_box_collision.h>

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Detailed Description

Axis aligned box.

Definition at line 199 of file gim_box_collision.h.

Public Member Functions

SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void appy_transform (const btTransform &trans)
 Apply a transform to an AABB.
template<typename CLASS_POINT>
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void calc_from_triangle (const CLASS_POINT &V1, const CLASS_POINT &V2, const CLASS_POINT &V3)
template<typename CLASS_POINT>
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void calc_from_triangle_margin (const CLASS_POINT &V1, const CLASS_POINT &V2, const CLASS_POINT &V3, btScalar margin)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool collide_plane (const btVector4 &plane)
 Simple test for planes.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool collide_ray (const btVector3 &vorigin, const btVector3 &vdir)
 Finds the Ray intersection parameter.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool collide_triangle_exact (const btVector3 &p1, const btVector3 &p2, const btVector3 &p3, const btVector4 &triangle_plane)
 test for a triangle, with edges
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void copy_with_margin (const GIM_AABB &other, btScalar margin)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void find_intersection (const GIM_AABB &other, GIM_AABB &intersection) const
 Finds the intersecting box between this box and the other.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void get_center_extend (btVector3 &center, btVector3 &extend) const
 Gets the extend and center.
 GIM_AABB (const GIM_AABB &other, btScalar margin)
 GIM_AABB (const GIM_AABB &other)
 GIM_AABB (const btVector3 &V1, const btVector3 &V2, const btVector3 &V3, GREAL margin)
 GIM_AABB (const btVector3 &V1, const btVector3 &V2, const btVector3 &V3)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool has_collision (const GIM_AABB &other) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void increment_margin (btScalar margin)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void invalidate ()
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void merge (const GIM_AABB &box)
 Merges a Box.
template<typename CLASS_POINT>
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void merge_point (const CLASS_POINT &point)
 Merges a point.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool overlapping_trans_cache (const GIM_AABB &box, const GIM_BOX_BOX_TRANSFORM_CACHE &transcache, bool fulltest)
 transcache is the transformation cache from box to this AABB
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool overlapping_trans_conservative (const GIM_AABB &box, btTransform &trans1_to_0)
plane_classify (const btVector4 &plane) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void projection_interval (const btVector3 &direction, btScalar &vmin, btScalar &vmax) const

Public Attributes

btVector3 m_max
btVector3 m_min

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