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btRigidBody Class Reference

#include <btRigidBody.h>

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Detailed Description

The btRigidBody is the main class for rigid body objects. It is derived from btCollisionObject, so it keeps a pointer to a btCollisionShape. It is recommended for performance and memory use to share btCollisionShape objects whenever possible. There are 3 types of rigid bodies:

Definition at line 41 of file btRigidBody.h.

Public Member Functions

void addConstraintRef (btTypedConstraint *c)
void applyCentralForce (const btVector3 &force)
void applyCentralImpulse (const btVector3 &impulse)
void applyDamping (btScalar timeStep)
 applyDamping damps the velocity, using the given m_linearDamping and m_angularDamping
void applyForce (const btVector3 &force, const btVector3 &rel_pos)
void applyGravity ()
void applyImpulse (const btVector3 &impulse, const btVector3 &rel_pos)
void applyTorque (const btVector3 &torque)
void applyTorqueImpulse (const btVector3 &torque)
 btRigidBody (btScalar mass, btMotionState *motionState, btCollisionShape *collisionShape, const btVector3 &localInertia=btVector3(0, 0, 0))
 btRigidBody (const btRigidBodyConstructionInfo &constructionInfo)
 btRigidBody constructor using construction info
virtual bool checkCollideWithOverride (btCollisionObject *co)
void clearForces ()
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar computeAngularImpulseDenominator (const btVector3 &axis) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar computeImpulseDenominator (const btVector3 &pos, const btVector3 &normal) const
void getAabb (btVector3 &aabbMin, btVector3 &aabbMax) const
btScalar getAngularDamping () const
const btVector3 & getAngularFactor () const
btScalar getAngularSleepingThreshold () const
const btVector3 & getAngularVelocity () const
btBroadphaseProxy * getBroadphaseProxy ()
const btBroadphaseProxy * getBroadphaseProxy () const
const btVector3 & getCenterOfMassPosition () const
const btTransformgetCenterOfMassTransform () const
getCollisionShape ()
getCollisionShape () const
btTypedConstraintgetConstraintRef (int index)
const btVector3 & getGravity () const
const btVector3 & getInvInertiaDiagLocal () const
const btMatrix3x3getInvInertiaTensorWorld () const
btScalar getInvMass () const
btScalar getLinearDamping () const
const btVector3 & getLinearFactor () const
btScalar getLinearSleepingThreshold () const
const btVector3 & getLinearVelocity () const
const btMotionStategetMotionState () const
btMotionStategetMotionState ()
int getNumConstraintRefs ()
btQuaternion getOrientation () const
const btVector3 & getTotalForce ()
const btVector3 & getTotalTorque ()
btVector3 getVelocityInLocalPoint (const btVector3 &rel_pos) const
void integrateVelocities (btScalar step)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void internalApplyImpulse (const btVector3 &linearComponent, const btVector3 &angularComponent, btScalar impulseMagnitude)
bool isInWorld () const
void predictIntegratedTransform (btScalar step, btTransform &predictedTransform)
 continuous collision detection needs prediction
void proceedToTransform (const btTransform &newTrans)
void removeConstraintRef (btTypedConstraint *c)
void saveKinematicState (btScalar step)
void setAngularFactor (btScalar angFac)
void setAngularFactor (const btVector3 &angFac)
void setAngularVelocity (const btVector3 &ang_vel)
void setCenterOfMassTransform (const btTransform &xform)
void setDamping (btScalar lin_damping, btScalar ang_damping)
void setGravity (const btVector3 &acceleration)
void setInvInertiaDiagLocal (const btVector3 &diagInvInertia)
void setLinearFactor (const btVector3 &linearFactor)
void setLinearVelocity (const btVector3 &lin_vel)
void setMassProps (btScalar mass, const btVector3 &inertia)
void setMotionState (btMotionState *motionState)
void setNewBroadphaseProxy (btBroadphaseProxy *broadphaseProxy)
void setSleepingThresholds (btScalar linear, btScalar angular)
void translate (const btVector3 &v)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void updateDeactivation (btScalar timeStep)
void updateInertiaTensor ()
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool wantsSleeping ()

Static Public Member Functions

static btRigidBodyupcast (btCollisionObject *colObj)
static const btRigidBodyupcast (const btCollisionObject *colObj)

Public Attributes

int m_contactSolverType
int m_debugBodyId
int m_frictionSolverType

Protected Member Functions

void setupRigidBody (const btRigidBodyConstructionInfo &constructionInfo)
 setupRigidBody is only used internally by the constructor

Private Attributes

btScalar m_additionalAngularDampingFactor
btScalar m_additionalAngularDampingThresholdSqr
bool m_additionalDamping
btScalar m_additionalDampingFactor
btScalar m_additionalLinearDampingThresholdSqr
btScalar m_angularDamping
btVector3 m_angularFactor
btScalar m_angularSleepingThreshold
btVector3 m_angularVelocity
< btTypedConstraint * > 
btVector3 m_gravity
btVector3 m_gravity_acceleration
btScalar m_inverseMass
btVector3 m_invInertiaLocal
btMatrix3x3 m_invInertiaTensorWorld
btScalar m_linearDamping
btVector3 m_linearFactor
btScalar m_linearSleepingThreshold
btVector3 m_linearVelocity
btVector3 m_totalForce
btVector3 m_totalTorque


struct  btRigidBodyConstructionInfo

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