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GIM_TRIANGLE Class Reference

#include <gim_tri_collision.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for colliding triangles.

Definition at line 125 of file gim_tri_collision.h.

Public Member Functions

SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void apply_transform (const btTransform &trans)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool collide_triangle (const GIM_TRIANGLE &other, GIM_TRIANGLE_CONTACT_DATA &contact_data) const
 Test boxes before doing hard test.
bool collide_triangle_hard_test (const GIM_TRIANGLE &other, GIM_TRIANGLE_CONTACT_DATA &contact_data) const
 Test triangles by finding separating axis.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void get_edge_plane (GUINT edge_index, const btVector3 &triangle_normal, btVector4 &plane) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void get_normal (btVector3 &normal) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void get_plane (btVector4 &plane) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void get_triangle_transform (btTransform &triangle_transform) const
 Gets the relative transformation of this triangle.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool get_uv_parameters (const btVector3 &point, const btVector3 &tri_plane, GREAL &u, GREAL &v) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool is_point_inside (const btVector3 &point, const btVector3 &tri_normal) const
 is point in triangle beam?
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool ray_collision (const btVector3 &vPoint, const btVector3 &vDir, btVector3 &pout, btVector3 &triangle_normal, GREAL &tparam, GREAL tmax=G_REAL_INFINITY)
 Bidireccional ray collision.
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool ray_collision_front_side (const btVector3 &vPoint, const btVector3 &vDir, btVector3 &pout, btVector3 &triangle_normal, GREAL &tparam, GREAL tmax=G_REAL_INFINITY)
 one direccion ray collision

Public Attributes

btScalar m_margin
btVector3 m_vertices [3]

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