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btRigidBody::btRigidBodyConstructionInfo Struct Reference

#include <btRigidBody.h>

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Detailed Description

btRigidBodyConstructionInfo provides information to create a rigid body. Setting mass to zero creates a fixed (non-dynamic) rigid body. For dynamic objects, you can use the collision shape to approximate the local inertia tensor, otherwise use the zero vector (default argument) You can use the motion state to synchronize the world transform between physics and graphics objects. And if the motion state is provided, the rigid body will initialize its initial world transform from the motion state, m_startWorldTransform is only used when you don't provide a motion state.

Definition at line 83 of file btRigidBody.h.

Public Member Functions

 btRigidBodyConstructionInfo (btScalar mass, btMotionState *motionState, btCollisionShape *collisionShape, const btVector3 &localInertia=btVector3(0, 0, 0))

Public Attributes

btScalar m_additionalAngularDampingFactor
btScalar m_additionalAngularDampingThresholdSqr
bool m_additionalDamping
btScalar m_additionalDampingFactor
btScalar m_additionalLinearDampingThresholdSqr
btScalar m_angularDamping
btScalar m_angularSleepingThreshold
btScalar m_friction
 best simulation results when friction is non-zero
btScalar m_linearDamping
btScalar m_linearSleepingThreshold
btVector3 m_localInertia
btScalar m_mass
btScalar m_restitution
 best simulation results using zero restitution.
btTransform m_startWorldTransform

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