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btQuantizedBvhTree Class Reference

#include <btGImpactQuantizedBvh.h>

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Detailed Description

Basic Box tree structure.

Definition at line 111 of file btGImpactQuantizedBvh.h.

Public Member Functions

void build_tree (BT_BVH_DATA_ARRAY &primitive_boxes)
 stackless build tree
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void clearNodes ()
get_node_pointer (int index=0) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int getEscapeNodeIndex (int nodeindex) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int getLeftNode (int nodeindex) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void getNodeBound (int nodeindex, btAABB &bound) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int getNodeCount () const
 node count
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int getNodeData (int nodeindex) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int getRightNode (int nodeindex) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool isLeafNode (int nodeindex) const
 tells if the node is a leaf
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void quantizePoint (unsigned short *quantizedpoint, const btVector3 &point) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void setNodeBound (int nodeindex, const btAABB &bound)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool testQuantizedBoxOverlapp (int node_index, unsigned short *quantizedMin, unsigned short *quantizedMax) const

Protected Member Functions

void _build_sub_tree (BT_BVH_DATA_ARRAY &primitive_boxes, int startIndex, int endIndex)
int _calc_splitting_axis (BT_BVH_DATA_ARRAY &primitive_boxes, int startIndex, int endIndex)
int _sort_and_calc_splitting_index (BT_BVH_DATA_ARRAY &primitive_boxes, int startIndex, int endIndex, int splitAxis)
void calc_quantization (BT_BVH_DATA_ARRAY &primitive_boxes, btScalar boundMargin=btScalar(1.0))

Protected Attributes

btVector3 m_bvhQuantization
btAABB m_global_bound
int m_num_nodes

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