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btHashMap< Key, Value > Class Template Reference

#include <btHashMap.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class Key, class Value>
class btHashMap< Key, Value >

The btHashMap template class implements a generic and lightweight hashmap. A basic sample of how to use btHashMap is located in Demos\BasicDemo\main.cpp

Definition at line 84 of file btHashMap.h.

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
Value * find (const Key &key)
const Value * find (const Key &key) const
int findIndex (const Key &key) const
Value * getAtIndex (int index)
const Value * getAtIndex (int index) const
void insert (const Key &key, const Value &value)
Value * operator[] (const Key &key)
void remove (const Key &key)
int size () const

Private Member Functions

void growTables (const Key &key)

Private Attributes

btAlignedObjectArray< int > m_hashTable
btAlignedObjectArray< int > m_next
btAlignedObjectArray< Value > m_valueArray

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