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btGjkPairDetector Class Reference

#include <btGjkPairDetector.h>

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Detailed Description

btGjkPairDetector uses GJK to implement the btDiscreteCollisionDetectorInterface

Definition at line 31 of file btGjkPairDetector.h.

Public Member Functions

 btGjkPairDetector (const btConvexShape *objectA, const btConvexShape *objectB, btSimplexSolverInterface *simplexSolver, btConvexPenetrationDepthSolver *penetrationDepthSolver)
virtual void getClosestPoints (const ClosestPointInput &input, Result &output, class btIDebugDraw *debugDraw, bool swapResults=false)
void setCachedSeperatingAxis (const btVector3 &seperatingAxis)
void setIgnoreMargin (bool ignoreMargin)
 don't use setIgnoreMargin, it's for Bullet's internal use
void setMinkowskiA (btConvexShape *minkA)
void setMinkowskiB (btConvexShape *minkB)
void setPenetrationDepthSolver (btConvexPenetrationDepthSolver *penetrationDepthSolver)

Public Attributes

int m_catchDegeneracies
int m_curIter
int m_degenerateSimplex
int m_lastUsedMethod

Private Attributes

btVector3 m_cachedSeparatingAxis
bool m_ignoreMargin
const btConvexShape * m_minkowskiA
const btConvexShape * m_minkowskiB
btSimplexSolverInterface * m_simplexSolver

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