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btGjkEpaPenetrationDepthSolver Class Reference

#include <btGjkEpaPenetrationDepthSolver.h>

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Detailed Description

EpaPenetrationDepthSolver uses the Expanding Polytope Algorithm to calculate the penetration depth between two convex shapes.

Definition at line 24 of file btGjkEpaPenetrationDepthSolver.h.

Public Member Functions

bool calcPenDepth (btSimplexSolverInterface &simplexSolver, const btConvexShape *pConvexA, const btConvexShape *pConvexB, const btTransform &transformA, const btTransform &transformB, btVector3 &v, btPoint3 &wWitnessOnA, btPoint3 &wWitnessOnB, class btIDebugDraw *debugDraw, btStackAlloc *stackAlloc)

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