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T2 - Implementation of a tier-2 coding

Detailed Description


struct  opj_t2

Exported functions

opj_t2_tt2_create (opj_common_ptr cinfo, opj_image_t *image, opj_cp_t *cp)
int t2_decode_packets (opj_t2_t *t2, unsigned char *src, int len, int tileno, opj_tcd_tile_t *tile, opj_codestream_info_t *cstr_info)
void t2_destroy (opj_t2_t *t2)
int t2_encode_packets (opj_t2_t *t2, int tileno, opj_tcd_tile_t *tile, int maxlayers, unsigned char *dest, int len, opj_codestream_info_t *cstr_info, int tpnum, int tppos, int pino, J2K_T2_MODE t2_mode, int cur_totnum_tp)

Local static functions

static int t2_decode_packet (opj_t2_t *t2, unsigned char *src, int len, opj_tcd_tile_t *tile, opj_tcp_t *tcp, opj_pi_iterator_t *pi, opj_packet_info_t *pack_info)
static int t2_encode_packet (opj_tcd_tile_t *tile, opj_tcp_t *tcp, opj_pi_iterator_t *pi, unsigned char *dest, int len, opj_codestream_info_t *cstr_info, int tileno)
static int t2_getcommacode (opj_bio_t *bio)
static int t2_getnumpasses (opj_bio_t *bio)
static void t2_init_seg (opj_tcd_cblk_dec_t *cblk, int index, int cblksty, int first)
static void t2_putcommacode (opj_bio_t *bio, int n)
static void t2_putnumpasses (opj_bio_t *bio, int n)


typedef struct opj_t2 opj_t2_t

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