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btConstraintPersistentData Struct Reference

#include <btContactConstraint.h>

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Detailed Description

stores some extra information to each contact point. It is not in the contact point, because that want to keep the collision detection independent from the constraint solver.

Definition at line 42 of file btContactConstraint.h.

Public Attributes

btScalar m_accumulatedTangentImpulse0
btScalar m_accumulatedTangentImpulse1
btVector3 m_angularComponentA
btVector3 m_angularComponentB
btScalar m_appliedImpulse
 total applied impulse during most recent frame
ContactSolverFunc m_contactSolverFunc
btScalar m_friction
btVector3 m_frictionAngularComponent0A
btVector3 m_frictionAngularComponent0B
btVector3 m_frictionAngularComponent1A
btVector3 m_frictionAngularComponent1B
ContactSolverFunc m_frictionSolverFunc
btVector3 m_frictionWorldTangential0
btVector3 m_frictionWorldTangential1
btScalar m_jacDiagABInv
btScalar m_jacDiagABInvTangent0
btScalar m_jacDiagABInvTangent1
btScalar m_penetration
int m_persistentLifeTime
btScalar m_prevAppliedImpulse
btScalar m_restitution

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