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World Struct Reference

#include <DNA_world_types.h>

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Detailed Description

World defines general modeling data such as a background fill, gravity, color model, stars, etc. It mixes game-data, rendering data and modeling data.

Definition at line 49 of file DNA_world_types.h.

Public Attributes

float activityBoxRadius
float ambb
float ambg
float ambk
float ambr
float ao_adapt_speed_fac
float ao_adapt_thresh
float ao_approx_correction
float ao_approx_error
short ao_approx_passes
short ao_gather_method
short ao_samp_method
float aobias
short aocolor
float aodist
float aodistfac
float aoenergy
short aomix
short aomode
short aosamp
float * aosphere
float * aotables
short colormodel
short dofend
short dofmax
short dofmin
short dofsta
float exp
float exposure
unsigned int fastcol
float gravity
float horb
float horg
float hork
float horr
ID id
struct Ipoipo
float linfac
float logfac
float misi
float mistdist
float misthi
float miststa
short mistype
short mode
struct MTex * mtex [10]
short pad1
int physicsEngine
struct PreviewImage * preview
float range
ScriptLink scriptlink
short skytype
float starb
float starcolnoise
float stardist
float starg
float stark
float starmindist
float starr
float starsize
short texact
short totex
float zenb
float zeng
float zenk
float zenr


class  World

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