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SphereTriangleDetector Struct Reference

#include <SphereTriangleDetector.h>

Inheritance diagram for SphereTriangleDetector:


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Detailed Description

sphere-triangle to match the btDiscreteCollisionDetectorInterface

Definition at line 29 of file SphereTriangleDetector.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void getClosestPoints (const ClosestPointInput &input, Result &output, class btIDebugDraw *debugDraw)
 SphereTriangleDetector (btSphereShape *sphere, btTriangleShape *triangle)

Private Member Functions

bool collide (const btVector3 &sphereCenter, btVector3 &point, btVector3 &resultNormal, btScalar &depth, btScalar &timeOfImpact)
 combined discrete/continuous sphere-triangle
bool facecontains (const btVector3 &p, const btVector3 *vertices, btVector3 &normal)
bool pointInTriangle (const btVector3 vertices[], const btVector3 &normal, btVector3 *p)

Private Attributes

btSphereShape * m_sphere
btTriangleShape * m_triangle

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