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SM_MaterialProps Struct Reference

#include <SM_Object.h>

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Detailed Description

Properties of collidable objects (non-ghost objects)

Definition at line 57 of file SM_Object.h.

Public Attributes

MT_Scalar m_fh_damping
 Damping factor (linear and angular) in range [0, 1].
MT_Scalar m_fh_distance
 The range above the surface where Fh is active.
bool m_fh_normal
 Should the object slide off slopes?
MT_Scalar m_fh_spring
 Spring constant (both linear and angular).
MT_Scalar m_friction
 Coulomb friction (= ratio between the normal en maximum friction force).
MT_Scalar m_restitution
 restitution of energy after a collision 0 = inelastic, 1 = elastic

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