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ImBuf Struct Reference

#include <IMB_imbuf_types.h>

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Detailed Description

The basic imbuf type

This is the abstraction of an image. ImBuf is the basic type used for all imbuf operations.

REMINDER: if any changes take place, they need to be carried over to source/blender/blenpluginapi/iff.h too, OTHERWISE PLUGINS WON'T WORK CORRECTLY!

Also; add new variables to the end to save pain!

Also, that iff.h needs to be in the final release "plugins/include" dir, too!

Definition at line 133 of file iff.h.

Public Attributes

struct MEM_CacheLimiterHandle_s * c_handle
unsigned char cbits
int channels
unsigned int * cmap
unsigned char depth
float dither
unsigned char * encodedbuffer
unsigned int encodedbuffersize
unsigned int encodedsize
int flags
int ftype
struct ImgInfo * img_info
int index
int mall
unsigned short maxcol
unsigned short mincol
struct ImBufmipmap [IB_MIPMAP_LEVELS]
char name [1023]
char namenull
struct ImBufnext
unsigned int ** planes
struct ImBufprev
unsigned int * rect
float * rect_float
int refcounter
short skipx
int type
void * userdata
int userflags
short x
short xorig
short y
short yorig
int * zbuf
float * zbuf_float

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