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DDSHeader Struct Reference

#include <DirectDrawSurface.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

DDS file header.

Definition at line 94 of file DirectDrawSurface.h.

Public Member Functions

bool hasDX10Header () const
void setDepth (uint d)
void setDX10Format (uint format)
void setFourCC (uint8 c0, uint8 c1, uint8 c2, uint8 c3)
void setHeight (uint h)
void setLinearSize (uint size)
void setMipmapCount (uint count)
void setNormalFlag (bool b)
void setPitch (uint pitch)
void setPixelFormat (uint bitcount, uint rmask, uint gmask, uint bmask, uint amask)
void setTexture2D ()
void setTexture3D ()
void setTextureCube ()
void setWidth (uint w)

Public Attributes

DDSCaps caps
uint depth
uint flags
uint fourcc
DDSHeader10 header10
uint height
uint mipmapcount
uint notused
DDSPixelFormat pf
uint pitch
uint reserved [11]
uint size
uint width

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