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CSG_IFace Struct Reference

#include <CSG_BooleanOps.h>

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CSG_BooleanOps.h 14444 2008-04-16 22:40:48Z hos

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structures for CSG module.

This interface falls into 2 categories. The first section deals with an abstract mesh description between blender and this module. The second deals with the module functions. The CSG module needs to know about the following entities: CSG_IFace -- an interface polygon structure. vertex_index is a fixed size array of 4 elements containing indices into an abstract vertex container. 3 or 4 of these elements may be used to describe either quads or triangles. vertex_number is the number of vertices in this face - either 3 or 4. vertex_colors is an array of {r,g,b} triplets one for each vertex index. tex_coords is an array of {u,v} triplets one for each vertex index. user_data is a pointer to arbitary data of fixed width , this data is copied around with the face, and duplicated if a face is split. Contains things like material index.

Definition at line 59 of file CSG_BooleanOps.h.

Public Attributes

int orig_face
int vertex_index [4]
int vertex_number

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