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collada_export::COLLADADocument Class Reference

Inherits xml::dom::minidom::Document.

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Detailed Description

A COLLADA Document ( DAE - Digital Asset Exangche) 

Definition at line 104 of file collada_export.py.

Public Member Functions

def buildXML
def cleanUp
def createAccessorElement
def createAnimationElement
def createArrayElement
def createAssetElement
def createAuthorElement
def createAuthoringToolElement
def createBoolArrayElement
def createBoundingBoxElement
def createCameraElement
def createChannelElement
def createCodeElement
def createCOLLADAElement
def createCombinerElement
def createCommentsElement
def createControllerElement
def createCopyrightElement
def createCreatedElement
def createElement
def createEntryElement
def createExtraElement
def createFloatArrayElement
def createGeometryElement
def createImageElement
def createImagerElement
def createInputElement
def createInstanceElement
def createIntArrayElement
def createJointsElement
def createKeywordsElement
def createLibraryElement
def createLightElement
def createLinesElement
def createLinestripsElement
def createLookAtElement
def createMaterialElement
def createMatrixElement
def createMeshElement
def createModifiedElement
def createNameArrayElement
def createNodeElement
def createOpticsElement
def createParamElement
def createPassElement
def createPElement
def createPerspectiveElement
def createPolygonsElement
def createProgramElement
def createRevisionElement
def createRotateElement
def createSamplerElement
def createScaleElement
def createSceneElement
def createShaderElement
def createSkewElement
def createSkinElement
def createSourceDataElement
def createSourceElement
def createSubjectElement
def createTechniqueElement
def createTextureElement
def createTitleElement
def createTranslateElement
def createTrianglesElement
def createTrifansElement
def createTristripsElement
def createUnitElement
def createUpAxisElement
def createVerticesElement
def openFile

Static Private Attributes

 __file_ref = None

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