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colladaImEx::collada::DaeGeometry Class Reference

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Detailed Description

class DaeMaterial(DaeElement): def __init__(self): super(DaeMaterial,self).__init__() self.asset = None self.iEffects = [] self.extras = None self.syntax = DaeSyntax.MATERIAL

def LoadFromXml(self, daeDocument, xmlNode): super(DaeMaterial, self).LoadFromXml(daeDocument, xmlNode) self.extras = CreateObjectsFromXml(daeDocument, xmlNode, DaeSyntax.EXTRA, DaeExtra) self.asset = CreateObjectFromXml(daeDocument, xmlNode, DaeSyntax.ASSET, DaeAsset) self.iEffects = CreateObjectsFromXml(daeDocument,xmlNode, DaeSyntax.INSTANCE_EFFECT, DaeEffectInstance)

def SaveToXml(self, daeDocument): node = super(DaeMaterial, self).SaveToXml(daeDocument) # Add the assets AppendChild(daeDocument,node,self.asset) # Add the effect instances AppendChilds(daeDocument, node, self.iEffects) # Add the extra's AppendChilds(self,node,self.extras) return node

def __str__(self): return super(DaeLight,self).__str__()+' assets: s, data: s, extras: s'%(self.asset, self.data, self.extras)

Definition at line 717 of file collada.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def GetType
def HasOnlyTriangles
def LoadFromXml
def SaveToXml

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