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btRaycastVehicle Class Reference

#include <btRaycastVehicle.h>

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Detailed Description

rayCast vehicle, very special constraint that turn a rigidbody into a vehicle.

Definition at line 24 of file btRaycastVehicle.h.

Public Member Functions

btWheelInfoaddWheel (const btVector3 &connectionPointCS0, const btVector3 &wheelDirectionCS0, const btVector3 &wheelAxleCS, btScalar suspensionRestLength, btScalar wheelRadius, const btVehicleTuning &tuning, bool isFrontWheel)
void applyEngineForce (btScalar force, int wheel)
 btRaycastVehicle (const btVehicleTuning &tuning, btRigidBody *chassis, btVehicleRaycaster *raycaster)
virtual void buildJacobian ()
btScalar getAppliedImpulse ()
const btTransformgetChassisWorldTransform () const
btScalar getCurrentSpeedKmHour () const
 Velocity of vehicle (positive if velocity vector has same direction as foward vector).
int getForwardAxis () const
btVector3 getForwardVector () const
 Worldspace forward vector.
int getNumWheels () const
int getRightAxis () const
const btRigidBodygetRigidBody () const
btRigidBodygetRigidBody ()
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA () const
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB () const
btScalar getSteeringValue (int wheel) const
int getUpAxis () const
int getUserConstraintId ()
int getUserConstraintType () const
btWheelInfogetWheelInfo (int index)
const btWheelInfogetWheelInfo (int index) const
const btTransformgetWheelTransformWS (int wheelIndex) const
btScalar rayCast (btWheelInfo &wheel)
void resetSuspension ()
void setBrake (btScalar brake, int wheelIndex)
virtual void setCoordinateSystem (int rightIndex, int upIndex, int forwardIndex)
void setPitchControl (btScalar pitch)
void setRaycastWheelInfo (int wheelIndex, bool isInContact, const btVector3 &hitPoint, const btVector3 &hitNormal, btScalar depth)
void setSteeringValue (btScalar steering, int wheel)
void setUserConstraintId (int uid)
void setUserConstraintType (int userConstraintType)
virtual void solveConstraint (btScalar timeStep)
void updateFriction (btScalar timeStep)
void updateSuspension (btScalar deltaTime)
virtual void updateVehicle (btScalar step)
void updateWheelTransform (int wheelIndex, bool interpolatedTransform=true)
void updateWheelTransformsWS (btWheelInfo &wheel, bool interpolatedTransform=true)

Public Attributes

btAlignedObjectArray< btWheelInfom_wheelInfo

Protected Attributes

btScalar m_appliedImpulse

Private Member Functions

void defaultInit (const btVehicleTuning &tuning)

Private Attributes

btScalar m_currentVehicleSpeedKmHour
btScalar m_damping
int m_indexForwardAxis
int m_indexRightAxis
int m_indexUpAxis
btScalar m_pitchControl
btScalar m_steeringValue
btScalar m_tau


class  btVehicleTuning

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