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btManifoldPoint Class Reference

#include <btManifoldPoint.h>

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Detailed Description

ManifoldContactPoint collects and maintains persistent contactpoints. used to improve stability and performance of rigidbody dynamics response.

Definition at line 28 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

Public Member Functions

 btManifoldPoint (const btVector3 &pointA, const btVector3 &pointB, const btVector3 &normal, btScalar distance)
btScalar getDistance () const
int getLifeTime () const
const btVector3getPositionWorldOnA () const
const btVector3getPositionWorldOnB () const
void setDistance (btScalar dist)

Public Attributes

btScalar m_combinedFriction
btScalar m_combinedRestitution
btScalar m_distance1
int m_lifeTime
btVector3 m_localPointA
btVector3 m_localPointB
btVector3 m_normalWorldOnB
btVector3 m_positionWorldOnA
 m_positionWorldOnA is redundant information, see getPositionWorldOnA(), but for clarity
btVector3 m_positionWorldOnB
void * m_userPersistentData

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