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btDispatcher Class Reference

#include <btDispatcher.h>

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Detailed Description

btDispatcher can be used in combination with broadphase to dispatch overlapping pairs. For example for pairwise collision detection or user callbacks (game logic).

Definition at line 65 of file btDispatcher.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clearManifold (btPersistentManifold *manifold)=0
virtual void dispatchAllCollisionPairs (btOverlappingPairCache *pairCache, btDispatcherInfo &dispatchInfo)=0
virtual btCollisionAlgorithmfindAlgorithm (btCollisionObject *body0, btCollisionObject *body1, btPersistentManifold *sharedManifold=0)=0
virtual btPersistentManifold * getManifoldByIndexInternal (int index)=0
virtual btPersistentManifold * getNewManifold (void *body0, void *body1)=0
virtual int getNumManifolds () const =0
virtual bool needsCollision (btCollisionObject *body0, btCollisionObject *body1)=0
virtual bool needsResponse (btCollisionObject *body0, btCollisionObject *body1)=0
virtual void releaseManifold (btPersistentManifold *manifold)=0

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