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btContinuousConvexCollision Class Reference

#include <btContinuousConvexCollision.h>

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Detailed Description

btContinuousConvexCollision implements angular and linear time of impact for convex objects. Based on Brian Mirtich's Conservative Advancement idea (PhD thesis). Algorithm operates in worldspace, in order to keep inbetween motion globally consistent. It uses GJK at the moment. Future improvement would use minkowski sum / supporting vertex, merging innerloops

Definition at line 29 of file btContinuousConvexCollision.h.

Public Member Functions

 btContinuousConvexCollision (btConvexShape *shapeA, btConvexShape *shapeB, btSimplexSolverInterface *simplexSolver, btConvexPenetrationDepthSolver *penetrationDepthSolver)
virtual bool calcTimeOfImpact (const btTransform &fromA, const btTransform &toA, const btTransform &fromB, const btTransform &toB, CastResult &result)
 cast a convex against another convex object

Private Attributes

btConvexShape * m_convexA
btConvexShape * m_convexB
btSimplexSolverInterface * m_simplexSolver

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