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btConeTwistConstraint Class Reference

#include <btConeTwistConstraint.h>

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Detailed Description

btConeTwistConstraint can be used to simulate ragdoll joints (upper arm, leg etc)

Definition at line 31 of file btConeTwistConstraint.h.

Public Member Functions

 btConeTwistConstraint (btRigidBody &rbA, const btTransform &rbAFrame)
 btConeTwistConstraint (btRigidBody &rbA, btRigidBody &rbB, const btTransform &rbAFrame, const btTransform &rbBFrame)
virtual void buildJacobian ()
const btTransformgetAFrame ()
btScalar getAppliedImpulse ()
const btTransformgetBFrame ()
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA () const
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB () const
int getSolveSwingLimit ()
int getSolveTwistLimit ()
btScalar getTwistLimitSign ()
int getUserConstraintId ()
int getUserConstraintType () const
void setAngularOnly (bool angularOnly)
void setLimit (btScalar _swingSpan1, btScalar _swingSpan2, btScalar _twistSpan, btScalar _softness=0.8f, btScalar _biasFactor=0.3f, btScalar _relaxationFactor=1.0f)
void setUserConstraintId (int uid)
void setUserConstraintType (int userConstraintType)
virtual void solveConstraint (btScalar timeStep)
void updateRHS (btScalar timeStep)

Protected Attributes

btScalar m_appliedImpulse

Private Attributes

btScalar m_accSwingLimitImpulse
btScalar m_accTwistLimitImpulse
bool m_angularOnly
btScalar m_biasFactor
btJacobianEntry m_jac [3]
btScalar m_kSwing
btScalar m_kTwist
btScalar m_limitSoftness
btTransform m_rbAFrame
btTransform m_rbBFrame
btScalar m_relaxationFactor
bool m_solveSwingLimit
bool m_solveTwistLimit
btVector3 m_swingAxis
btScalar m_swingCorrection
btScalar m_swingSpan1
btScalar m_swingSpan2
btVector3 m_twistAxis
btScalar m_twistCorrection
btScalar m_twistLimitSign
btScalar m_twistSpan

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