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btBroadphaseInterface Class Reference

#include <btBroadphaseInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for btBroadphaseInterface:

btOverlappingPairCache btAxisSweep3 btSimpleBroadphase

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Detailed Description

BroadphaseInterface for aabb-overlapping object pairs.

Definition at line 27 of file btBroadphaseInterface.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void cleanProxyFromPairs (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy)=0
virtual btBroadphaseProxycreateProxy (const btVector3 &min, const btVector3 &max, int shapeType, void *userPtr, short int collisionFilterGroup, short int collisionFilterMask)=0
virtual void destroyProxy (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy)=0
virtual void setAabb (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy, const btVector3 &aabbMin, const btVector3 &aabbMax)=0

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