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btAxisSweep3 Class Reference

#include <btAxisSweep3.h>

Inheritance diagram for btAxisSweep3:

btOverlappingPairCache btBroadphaseInterface

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Detailed Description

btAxisSweep3 is an efficient implementation of the 3d axis sweep and prune broadphase. It uses arrays rather then lists for storage of the 3 axis. Also it operates using integer coordinates instead of floats. The testOverlap check is optimized to check the array index, rather then the actual AABB coordinates/pos

Definition at line 48 of file btAxisSweep3.h.

Public Member Functions

BP_FP_INT_TYPE addHandle (const btPoint3 &aabbMin, const btPoint3 &aabbMax, void *pOwner, short int collisionFilterGroup, short int collisionFilterMask)
void addOverlappingPair (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy0, btBroadphaseProxy *proxy1)
 btAxisSweep3 (const btPoint3 &worldAabbMin, const btPoint3 &worldAabbMax, int maxHandles=16384)
void cleanOverlappingPair (btBroadphasePair &pair)
void cleanProxyFromPairs (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy)
virtual btBroadphaseProxycreateProxy (const btVector3 &min, const btVector3 &max, int shapeType, void *userPtr, short int collisionFilterGroup, short int collisionFilterMask)
virtual void destroyProxy (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy)
btBroadphasePairfindPair (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy0, btBroadphaseProxy *proxy1)
Handle * getHandle (BP_FP_INT_TYPE index) const
int getNumOverlappingPairs () const
btOverlapFilterCallback * getOverlapFilterCallback ()
const btBroadphasePairgetOverlappingPairArrayPtr () const
btBroadphasePairgetOverlappingPairArrayPtr ()
bool needsBroadphaseCollision (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy0, btBroadphaseProxy *proxy1) const
void processAllOverlappingPairs (btOverlapCallback *callback)
virtual void refreshOverlappingPairs ()
void removeHandle (BP_FP_INT_TYPE handle)
void removeOverlappingPair (btBroadphasePair &pair)
void removeOverlappingPairsContainingProxy (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy)
virtual void setAabb (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy, const btVector3 &aabbMin, const btVector3 &aabbMax)
void setOverlapFilterCallback (btOverlapFilterCallback *callback)
bool testOverlap (btBroadphaseProxy *proxy0, btBroadphaseProxy *proxy1)
void updateHandle (BP_FP_INT_TYPE handle, const btPoint3 &aabbMin, const btPoint3 &aabbMax)

Protected Attributes

bool m_blockedForChanges
btOverlapFilterCallback * m_overlapFilterCallback
< btBroadphasePair

Private Member Functions

BP_FP_INT_TYPE allocHandle ()
void freeHandle (BP_FP_INT_TYPE handle)
void quantize (BP_FP_INT_TYPE *out, const btPoint3 &point, int isMax) const
void sortMaxDown (int axis, BP_FP_INT_TYPE edge, bool updateOverlaps=true)
void sortMaxUp (int axis, BP_FP_INT_TYPE edge, bool updateOverlaps=true)
void sortMinDown (int axis, BP_FP_INT_TYPE edge, bool updateOverlaps=true)
void sortMinUp (int axis, BP_FP_INT_TYPE edge, bool updateOverlaps=true)
bool testOverlap (int ignoreAxis, const Handle *pHandleA, const Handle *pHandleB)

Private Attributes

BP_FP_INT_TYPE m_firstFreeHandle
int m_invalidPair
int m_maxHandles
BP_FP_INT_TYPE m_numHandles
Edge * m_pEdges [3]
Handle * m_pHandles
btVector3 m_quantize
btPoint3 m_worldAabbMax
btPoint3 m_worldAabbMin


class  Edge
class  Handle

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