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Text3d::Text3d Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Text3d object
      This object gives access  Blender's B{Font} objects
@ivar frameWidth: The width of the active frame [0.0 - 50.0]
@ivar frameHeight: The height of the active frame [0.0 - 50.0]
@ivar frameX: The X position of the active frame [0.0 - 50.0]
@ivar frameY: The Y position of the active frame [0.0 - 50.0]

@ivar totalFrames: The total number of text frames (read only)
@ivar activeFrame: The active frame for this text data.

Definition at line 40 of file Text3d.py.

Public Member Functions

def addFrame
def getAlignment
def getBevelAmount
def getDefaultResolution
def getDrawMode
def getExtrudeBevelDepth
def getExtrudeDepth
def getLineSeparation
def getName
def getShear
def getSize
def getSpacing
def getText
def getUVordco
def getWidth
def getXoffset
def getYoffset
def removeFrame
def setAlignment
def setBevelAmount
def setDefaultResolution
def setDrawMode
def setExtrudeBevelDepth
def setExtrudeDepth
def setLineSeparation
def setName
def setShear
def setSize
def setSpacing
def setText
def setUVordco
def setWidth
def setXoffset
def setYoffset

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